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Empowering Employment

Project Description

Developing training programs for the EU with mentoring and customized training plans for young people in the VET system. Planning training programs for start-ups, unemployed individuals, and vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

Most Valuable Point

 We provided the training programs for general managers of start-ups, new entrepreneurs and training programs introducing mentoring for young people by experienced professionals in job.

Impact of the project

The following are the responsibilities and the impact of the project: reducing the disparity between schools and businesses for individuals with disabilities, designing and implementing training assessments, plans, and methodologies, creating budgets, cooperating with companies, vocational educational academies, and VET providers to develop and improve curriculums, developing and delivering training programs for general managers of start-ups and new entrepreneurs, focusing on development, budgeting, and institutional aspects of training, providing specialized training on continuing education, VET education, and human resources management, and fostering the development of Public-Private Partnerships.

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