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Interdisciplinary Cyber Training

Description of the project

The InCyT project aims to develop a cybersecurity competency framework for companies and VET to improve skills, develop strategies, and prevent cyberattacks.

Impact of the Project

The project aims to promote cybersecurity education and training for SME employees through a digitally supported interdisciplinary learning program, a mentoring program, and an interactive digital platform. The project also includes developing a methodology to adapt the cybersecurity training program for vocational education and creating a transferability model for European implementation. The impact of the project is to enhance SME cybersecurity knowledge and skills, promote collaboration and cooperation among SMEs, and improve cybersecurity education and training in vocational education. Ultimately, the project will contribute to strengthening cybersecurity in SMEs and promoting a more secure digital environment.

Most Valuable Points

We developed the Methodology used for the implementation of InCyT Cybersecurity framework

We developed a cybersecurity competency framework that companies can use to describe and improve competencies and skills in order to develop a company’s Cybersecurity strategy and avoid cyber-attacks and VET to improve their education plans.

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