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Level Up Your IoT Knowledge

Impact of the project:

The project resulted in the development of innovative IoT course modules and an AI-supported assessment platform, as well as a gamification-based distance learning platform for IoT teaching and assessment. The project also involved three meetings and conferences held in Denmark, Portugal, and France.

Most Valuable Points

The learning environment has been improved by supporting cooperation and teamwork. Innovative and modern IoT course modules suitable for real life and the labor market were developed.

Our project is quite innovative, as there is no similar or equivalent study to our teaching material to be developed entirely student-centered. Our classical educational methods and approaches have become unable to meet the systems and needs we are in, and have opened the door to mandatory change and development.

Description of the project:

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift towards distance vocational education, but the lack of digital content and difficulties faced by teachers have posed challenges. Reports by the EU and UNESCO also highlight the need for innovative assessment systems in distance education. This project aims to develop IoT course materials and teacher/student-centered outputs to address these issues and train students for the requirements of the labor market.

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