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Fostering Accessible Study Technologies (FAST)

Description of the project

The project aims to create an accessible LMS model for students with disabilities in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Objectives include developing a framework and software, creating a mobile app, and delivering an e-module. The project will enhance education and employment opportunities and promote social inclusion.

Impact of the project

The project aims to promote accessible learning management systems (LMS) through four intellectual outputs: a methodological framework, an accessible LMS, a mobile application for easy LMS access, and a joint e-module for LMS usage. It includes three transnational meetings for project evaluation, management control, and sustainability, as well as two short-term joint staff training events for LMS construction and e-module creation. The project will also hold three multiplier events for disseminating and sustaining results at each participating higher education institution. Ultimately, the project will contribute to the promotion of accessible and effective LMS in higher education.

Most Valuable Points

Field and desktop research with the purpose to create a framework for intellectual outputs: Creation and Implementation of an Accessible Learning Management System. The framework was published as a publication in five languages (English, Macedonian, Portuguese, Danish and Lithuanian) and also in a peer-reviewed journal. Its innovative value is the focus on accessibility of Learning Management Systems and their use by students with disabilities. The suitability for this framework to be used by other interested universities that do not use LMSs or are interested in making their LMSs accessible adds to the impact and transferability potential.

 Creation of an accessible LMS for the humanities and social sciences at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius and the adaptation of the current LMSs in the HEI of the partner countries, with the purpose of making them more accessible for students with special needs.

The tangible result of this output is an innovative mobile application for accessible LMS usage. The impact value increases by giving the opportunity for everyone to access the LMS via a mobile application. The creation of a mobile application allows the delivery of learning and performance support on devices that learners carry: different types of smart-phones and tablets. In this manner, the transferability potential is in the chance to deliver knowledge to the right person at the right time on the device they already use.

Designed and developed an e-learning course for the use of the LMS by students with different types of disabilities. This course was placed on several platforms such as E-twinning and School Getaway and was free and accessible for all.

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