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Scholarship Program for Primary School Education: Supporting Children with Disabilities and Roma Children

Impact of the project

This project aimed to improve data accessibility and quality in education, labor market, and social protection. It also established a scholarship program for vulnerable students, including children with disabilities and from Roma communities, to strengthen inclusion in primary schools. Furthermore, the project conducted training needs assessments and delivered advanced training related to social protection issues, contributing to the development of a more inclusive and equitable education system.

Project Description

 Responsible for preparing ToR and Call for Proposal for a Scholarship Programme for vulnerable students from Roma communities, children with disabilities and those in primary schools. The aim is to improve accessibility to data, quality of data collection, and analysis in education, labor market and social protection. Additionally, training needs assessments and design and delivery of advanced training related to social protection issues will be provided.

Most Valuable Points

We established a new scholarship programme for children with disabilities and roma children to strengthen the inclusion in the primary schools.

We improved accessibility to data, data sharing and overall quality of data collection and data analysis in education.

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